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How To Clean Special Types Of Rugs

Many people with keen interest in home decoration usually buy rugs to complement their interior décor. Unfortunately, some do not know that the rugs must be cleaned and maintained to last longer. Everyone should bear in mind the fact that cleaning them is not easy. There are specific procedures that you must follow during the cleaning process to ensure that you do not destroy the rug.

You cannot only dust off the rug or just run a vacuum cleaner over it. Similarly, you cannot just soak it in a pool of water then let it dry under the sun. Some types of rugs fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Likewise, you cannot wash any rug in a washing machine because of the different fibers used.

You need to consider some factors while cleaning your rug. It will ensure that you do not damage it. The primary consideration is the type of rug. The many types of rugs are made using different materials and fabrics. Not every cleaning method is suitable for each type. You should know rug type before deciding what cleaning method to apply. That way you will be protecting it from any damage.

The following is a list of some of the unique rug types and cleaning tips that apply to each:

  • Fur Or Wool Rugs

Having fur or woolen rugs is a good investment for your décor. However, you have to be super cautious about the kinds of detergents that you use. These types of rugs require that you use very mild cleansers. The best way to clean them is by soaking them in a tub of warm water and baby shampoo. The baby shampoo is preferable because it is mild and it can remove regular dirt without causing any damage to the rug. Warm water is recommended because wool shrinks typically in cold water.

  • Woven And Knotted Rugs

Before you embark on cleaning the woven and knotted rugs, you must first check out for the loose ends and breaks. The good thing about this type is that it is easy to clean because you can even use a washing machine. All you need to do is zip it in a mesh bag or pillowcase before spinning it in the washing machine. You can also wash it manually using a soft hand brush.

  • Handmade Or Oriental Rugs

Handmade or Oriental rugs are exceptional but quite delicate when it comes to cleaning. You have to take specific measures to maintain them. Since they cost a lot of money, you have to manage them properly. You cannot just run a vacuum cleaner over them. You first need to cover them with some Nylon before vacuuming. If you need to deep clean them, call a professional to do it for you.

As you have seen, the different types of unique rugs that follow specific cleaning procedures. It is essential that you identify what kind of rug you own before deciding on the detergents or cleaning method that you will use. It will ensure that you do not damage it by improper cleaning.

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